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Cuttings Petrology

Our Cuttings Petrology service uses cuttings to map petrology facies (mineralogy, texture) and associated fracture types. This is combined with thin section, SEM, XRD mineralogy, and micro-CT data, well logs (LWD, gamma, drilling data), and image logs to create a comprehensive picture of the subsurface geology.

Cuttings Petrophysics

Primary deliverables are bulk density and bulk/clay minerology. Secondary deliverables are porosity, permeability, and saturations.

Geospatial Drone Work

Geospatial drone work was a thing of science fiction for geological field work in the early 2000’s. Now it has become multispectral reality in the world of mapping and surveying. The sky is the limit in the fields of mineral exploration, site inspections, geological site mapping, and beyond

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